Wadfest 2017

Wadfest 2017 - Activities

What you can expect at Wadfest 2017


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Children Activities:

Paint then race your own vehicles of mass destruction.
Play live action smack the penguin. [1]

Adult Activities:

Charity Auction.
Klatches. [2]
Race the vehicles of mass destruction (if they survive the children's races).
Play live action smack the penguin (adults will have to wait until all the children have finished).

Activities for all ages:

Cosplay Maskerade
Prizes for best decorated tent
Zombie Wars. [3]
Wadfest's Murder Mystery. [4]
Wadfest's Got Talent 2017. [5]
* NEW FOR 2017 * Learn how to throw a hatchett. [6]

Unofficial Events:

Brittany Weatherwax's Unofficial Cocktail Party - Start The Weekend by letting your hair down. [7]


[1] No actual penguins are harmed! But some of the fake ones have seen better days.
[2] Small groups chat with Wadfest celebrities.
[3] No actual zombies are harmed either. Safety goggles provided - bring your own NERF guns.
[4] Somebody / something had to be murdered otherwise it wouldn't be a mystery.
[5] More of an entertainment show rather than actual talent most of the time.
[6] By a trained and licenced professional - Adult supervision required.
[7] The long standing tradition at the Cocktail party is for the gents to dress, well in dresses and the ladies to dress as men (don't ask!).