What a fantastic weekend, from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony it was Fun, Fun, Fun, all the way.

The Sun came out for the opening ceremony, then after the initiation of the virgins, we had a short sharp thunderstorm followed by a beautiful double rainbow.

It was as though those upstairs were giving their approval for the weekend, and as the weekend continued we had to believe that they had.

Periwinkle was there with her daughter face painting people after they had booked in, and this really got people into the Wadstock mood.

Later on the Friday we were treated to a Ghost story, by our very own Lupine, then it was of to the Cocktail party, as always run by Jem.

Saturday the sun was up again, and there was brisk trading by all the traders, Shaun had yet again done up proud with the whites that he had produced especially for Wadfest, and Colin Edwards did a fantastic couple of special Wadfest stamps that were selling well. This year there were a good number of traders, so there was something for everybody to spend their hard earned money on.

The usual games were being held during the day on the Saturday, with that all time favorite smack the penguin being well attended as always. And yet again that big penguin was there to cause trouble for Rob.

Luggage painting was as ever a favourite with the children, and many a budding artist was to be seen at work.

During the afternoon we were entertained with the first radio adaptation of Troll Bridge, and Bogeyman did a great job of doing the conversion, Audience participation was guaranteed as they had to do the sound effects.

Prize giving was well attended, with Jo Miller getting the Karen Methvern Gongless Citation, this award is given to those people who do a lot for various events, but don't get the recognition that they deserve.

Saturday evening saw one of the two main events of the weekend, Turtles in Their Eyes, It was great to see the amount of talent that the fans had, and a great time was had by both the contestants and the audience, Jason Anthony, managed to become the most hated man at Wadfest when in character, he made the comment that he thought his daughters were rubbish.

The well deserved winners were: 1st Beth Kemp. 2nd Simon Paul. 3rd Clap Now

Whilst the second main event of the weekend Sky Larkin were setting up the light box parade took place. Although there were only two light boxes this year, the lack of boxes was more than made up by the number of light sabres, and it looked fantastic as it paraded round the field.

After the light box parade, Sky Larkin started to test their equipment, at this point John the site owner came across, saying that he had had a complaint about the noise, in other words, they were too loud, so after a a quick conference, and a great idea by Sas, a plea was put out for acoustic guitars, and we had the unique opportunity of hearing Sky Larking unplugged, they rose to the occasion fantastically, even letting some of the younger Wadfester's play their now unplugged electric guitars.

Sunday again was a lovely sunny day, and the newest member of the Wadfest family was brought into the fold, Sophie was initiated into the family, to be guided by her three Fairy Godmothers, Kirstie, Sue, and Jax, and her godfather Tim. As good Wadfester, she was presented with a Wadfest T Shirt, which I am sure she will grow into.

As previous years this years auction was for Cancer Research UK, and I would like to thank all those Wadfester's who dug deep into their pockets for the various items, and also to all those people who gave the auction items so generously. Pat Harkin was the auctioneer, helped by the now famous auctionetts.

Once the auction was over, all was left was for me to wish everybody a safe journey, and to thank the committee, I would also like to thank the committed here, Rob, AJ, Loz, Sue. Kirstie, Peter, and to offer a big thank you to our two security men, who did a stirling job over the weekend to keep things running smoothly, Justin, and Phil.

Unfortunately Phil managed to dodge Loz's camera this year, although how he managed to do that in his (what became known as his teddy bear suit), is beyond me.

All the photos above are from Wadfest's Picasa Web album, (taken by Loz), to see the full series click on the icons below.

Other Wadfester's photos of the event.